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Abstract directions of research

Areas of Research:

1. Computer Engineering
2. Electrotechnics, Electrodynamic
3. Energetics (including alternative)
4. Hydrodynamics
5. Journal "DNA"
6. Physics in hands of engineer
7. Gravitomagnetism
8. Other


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The journal "DNA" publishes articles IRI employees (and not only)
Catalog articles IRI employees by English updated 13 september 2016 jyaг  - see here
In this catalog the following articles IRI employees:
Etkin, Valery A.; Grinshtein, Mark M.; Khmelnik, Solomon I.;
Samokhvalov, Vladimir N.; Vilshansky, Alexander N.

From the last publications:

Khmelnik S.I. Inconsistency Solution of Maxwell's Equations (12/09/2016)

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Book here.
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Pre-proposals for the Institute of Venture Sciences:

A consistent solution of Maxwell equations
Principle of full action extremum

Navier-Stokes Equations. On the Existence and the Search Method for Global Solutions.

The Experiment Confirming the Existence of the Fourth Electromagnetic Induction

The Second Solution of Maxwell's Equations

Experiment for the proof of Newton’s Third Law Violation in Unipolar Motor

To the Theory of Perpetual Motion Holder

The Emergence Mechanism and Calculation Method of Turbulent Flows

Unsupported Motion Without Violating the Laws of Physics

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