Physics in Hands of Engineer

Scientists investigate that which already is;
Engineers create that which has never been.
 Albert Einstein 


  1. Invertibility Principle in Faraday Unipolar Machines

  2. To the Theory of Perpetual Motion Holder

  3. Unsupported Motion Without Violating the Laws of Physics

  4. Lorentz Force, Ampere Force and
    Momentum Conservation Law Quantitative. Analysis and Corollaries.

  5. To the Question of Intranuclear Forces

  6. GTR and Perpetuum Mobile Rehabilitation

  7. Experimental Clarification of Maxwell-Similar Gravitation Equations

  8. To the Theory of Perpetual Motion Holder

  9. A capacitor engine for an aircraft; Patent of Israel, 200435/3

  10. Khmelnik Force

  11. Experiment for the proof of Newtons Third Law Violation in Unipolar Motor


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